Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ISIS - A Statement

The Holy Koran states that in the last days the ‘mufsidin fi al-ard,’ (those who corrupt the earth), will appear.
Some of the learned ‘Ulama equate ISIS with the ‘mufsidin fi al-ard’ -- “those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption” as recorded in Chapter 5, verse 33 of the Holy Quran.
We are appalled at the savage atrocity committed in the act of execution of the Jordanian pilot Ra’id Moath al-Kassasbeh and, indeed, by the brutal beheadings of so many innocent aid workers and journalists, as well as by the martyrdom of the Coptic Christians (young men from the same village who died with the name of the Messiah on their lips as any who have watched the horrific video will be aware).
Some claim the kind of violence being exercised by ISIS is part of the past, of the ‘jahiliyah,’ the pre-Islamic era.
Some Muslim scholars go further and argue that, members of ISIS and their supporters are behaving in a way that is thoroughly un-Islamic. Some of these scholars suggest that they resemble the “false Muslims” referred to in Surah al-Munafiqun, the 33rd chapter of the Holy Koran and should be treated as such. Their approach of dividing the world into ‘Dar al-Islam’ (the House of Islam) and ‘Dar al-Harb’ (the House of War) is not valid. 
To quote Aristotle, “Anyone can be angry, but to be angry at the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way is to be commended.”
Having said which, we caution against the use of indiscriminate force to destroy ISIS. There has been too much civilian collateral damage in the liberation of Kobani and in the bombing of Durna, and we must move with careful deliberation in acting against ISIS lest we increase sympathy for this renegade terrorist group.
The Religious Affairs Advisory Council
The Next Century Foundation

London SW1


Tim said...

Well said!

Larry said...

An excellent statement!

Douglas said...

I have lived and worked in Kurdistan for the past 22 years and am at present residing a few miles from the front with ISIS. I also have a doctorate in Islamic studies and have spent most of the past 40 years in the Islamic world. You have missed an important point regarding the current activities of these supposed ‘mufsidin fi al-ard’. The fact is they are doing generally what Mohammed and the first Caliphs did - wage violent Jihad - commit “atrocities” including the beheading of captors (common in the Middle Ages for Muslims and so-called Christians alike), take women as concubines and slaves, etc. This is not new and these people are not an aberration.

So-called moderates are the exception in the history of Islam and there are just as many learned clerics that would refer to these moderates as ‘mufsidin fi al-ard’ as there are those who would place ISIS in this category. Bowing to Political Correctness is one of the reasons why the likes of ISIS cannot be stopped. You cannot defeat an enemy until you name it. The very heart of Islam is to wage Jihad until the Dar al Harb (territory of war) becomes Dar al Islam. Of course there is much dispute as to whether Jihad is a "personal struggle" or a violent war to be waged as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram (to name but a few) maintain.

How to know what is meant? Simple - go back to the founder and author of the book and look at the life he led and what his immediate successors did in his name. I often ask my Muslim friends of which I have many: “Did Mohammed wage violent Jihad?” Yes. “Did Mohammed order his follower to behead Islam’s captives?” Yes. “Did Mohammed order women taken as “the Spoils of War” and children sold as slaves?” Yes. At least they are honest. ISIS is merely doing what the founder of Islam did and most everyone over here knows it. Yes… granted they have oft stepped over the line Mohammed may not have crossed but on the whole they have it right. Israel is an occupier and therefore ‘defensive Jihad is called for – America is its prime supporter and is therefore fair game. Moderate Muslims are apostate and are worse than infidels and must be eradicated first and foremost. Jihadists cannot win on a set battlefield and hence terror is their only logical weapon. We should not be so hard on ISIS and their ilk. After all, Mohammed would, for the most part, approve.

Christopher said...

Thank you for that comment.

I cannot understand why the ‘centrist’ media have not reported the killings of the Muslims in America with the same fervour as they have when a ‘western’ person is killed by a Muslim.

When also will the media report the feelings of (I understand) vast majority of Muslim people who denounce and decry those who perpetrate these acts wherever they are?

Left-field thought: Would it not be a sign of Israel’s humanity and good intentions to come out publicly and condemn the murders (above)as well? That would make quite an impact with their neighbours!

How concerned are you that Benjamin Netanyahu is encouraging a ‘flood’ of Jewish people to migrate to Israel.
Is this not a surreptitious plan to then say that they cannot return Palestinian land and ‘have’ to take over more (Palestinian) land to accommodate their increasing population and drive non-Jewish Israelis out of Israel, annex more and more of the natural resources of the land and rivers?

I agree with you that increasing the deaths of civilian, non-combatants will only fuel the flames of (terrorist) converts.

Majdolin said...

Jahylia - pre-Islamic era was good era where women were worshiped, allat, al uza and menat, which Allah didn't like in his Quran and said how very dare you Worshiping a woman, instead of the male Allah,, or maybe Muslim forgot hend bent otba who fought Mohammed who was running a whole army or forgot umm jamiel the strong lady who were puting fire sticks in Mohammed way to the point made Allah angry and dedicate special Sura for her in the qourna, or maybe they forgot that Khadija Mohammed's wife were a business woman whom Mohammed worked for as a little worker till she decided to marry him,,,, ISIS are not mufsiden fel ard , they are doing Allah's word and the so called "holy" Quran ask them to shop the head of the kafrroon "infidels" untill the war is done.
When Muslim face the fact that ISIS is Islam rather than blaming Isreal and America for their own failure then maybe they will start reforming this bloody religion, and when the west stop bla blaing about freedom of religion and that Islam is way too far from ISIS and Islam is all good and peaceful then maybe we would see things change... The saying that ISIS is not Islam and Islam peaceful is a big lie, it is time to stop this lie and stop running around in a circus...