Friday, July 15, 2011

Provocative Sheikh's views aired

Safa TV, a Saudi satellite station, recently allowed known terrorist Sheikh Mohamed Al-Zoghbi to air his inflammatory, xenophobic and libellous views on their station.

The Sheikh lists horrific calamities he wishes to befall Bashar Al-Assad and calls on Allah to punish not only Bashar, but all the Al-Assad family as well as those who help and support them, referring to the whole family as an ‘infidel clique’, ‘criminals’ and ‘abusers’.

He then calls on the people of Syria, men, women, slaves and children to revenge themselves against them all and fight them with their ‘money, bodies and tongues’.

He says that the jihad against the Al-Assads is more important than that which Muslims should be waging against the Christians and even the Jews, referring to both religions as ‘infidels’ but stresses that Nusayris are greater infidels.

He closes by saying ‘Kill these unbelievers until you purify the earth from their filth’.

These comments should be strongly condemned as should Safa TV for allowing Sheikh Zoghbi to make them on their station.

Interview can be viewed here...