Monday, July 25, 2011

Eygpt state TV comes under criticism

The Egyptian State TV has been generally criticised in a BBC article, ‘Egypt state TV building an ugly reminder of the past’, 22 July 2011

In January, the headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party were burnt down but the army sent its tanks a few hundred meters away to protect the Maspero (Egyptian state TV headquarters).

This clearly demonstrates the importance of the TV station to the government.

State TV has been notorious throughout the years, for broadcasting cookery programmes during times of crisis.

Despite revolution, there has been little change at Egypt TV. The head may have changed but the editors, heads of channel and presenters remain the same as they were and employees continue to lack skills, leaving production standards low.

Phone in shows are usually faked, with office staff calling in and putting on different voices.
News and information remain tightly controlled by the government and opposition groups accuse them of impoverishing Egyptian culture.

Moataz Nasreldin says that state television is designed to make people as idiotic and stupid as possible and calls for drastic change as protestors continue to demonstrate outside the TV station’s headquarters.

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