Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Islamist Websites

Felix sends us this interesting Memri item on Islamist websites. Nine unsourced items are offered. On the basis of our maxim: "A story without a source is a source of trouble", we have asked Memri to provide details of the source websites (web address and date). We will let you know if we receive these in due course.

Mujahideen Gather Information on Anchorage International Airport

On October 17, 2006, an Islamist website posted a message titled "You Can Spy on the Enemies' Airports Directly by Controlling the Cameras' Direction." The message contains a link to a screen showing what it claims to be a live view of various areas within Anchorage International Airport
via several cameras. The message gives directions for how to control the cameras and promises to provide links in the future for other airports as well.

To view screenshots from the five sources - North View, South Terminal, Lake Hood, Cargo Area View, and Quad Stream - please see this link.

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William said...

Memri has responded and they are either unable or unwilling to provide the url for any one of these alleged blogs - which means that this series of stories has to be regarded as grossly suspect, and possibly even deliberate dissinformation (though Memri themselves may be unaware they are being misled if, for instance, this is an intelligence agancy feed. Of course it is possible that these stories are genuine - but with unsourced material we can never know.

William said...

Felix writes:

Many Islamist websites are open only to subscribers. They apparently do this to protect themselves from infiltration of enemies be they western, Arabs or Muslims,

Whosever is subscribed generally stays aboard. New subscribers are not accepted unless they exactly the full pedigree of the new subscriber. Perhaps from time to time Carmon could fax you pages from the internet, in Arabic, of the sources but with the url which could reveal what should not be revealed erased or unrecognisable with black ink.

Anyway if you really consider MEMRI unreliable then just do not quote them. I think that would be a most major error on your part.

I repeat, in more than 6/7 years of working together with these people, I have never once heard anything untoward about their accuracy, connections or reliability. What exactly makes you suspicious?