Thursday, February 23, 2012

Razan Ghazzawi Released from Detention in Syria

Syrian Blogger Razan Ghazzawi has been released from a Syrian detention where she, along with thirteen others had been held since 16th February 2012. After three nights there, Ghazzawi and five other female colleagues were released and in her official statement from the 'Center for Media and Freedom of Expression' on 22nd February 2012,  she states that "those 3 nights at air security branch were the worst in comparison to my previous detention".
Ghazzawi was arrested along with others during a raid of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression office in damascus. This raid was carried out by members of the security apparatus, supported by several armed men which Ghazzawi describes to have "caused panic and fear among employees and visitors". The female employees who work at the centre, along with a visitor who was also arrested,  were released on saturday 18th February 2012. However, they are expected to show up at Air force Security everyday from 9AM untill 2PM for further investigation.
The Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression hold the Syrian authorities fully responsible for these events and are highly concerned about the employees who are still being detained.
The continuous arrests like that of Razan Ghazzawi, act as worrying reminders that even those who are trying to inform the public face great risks everyday. The lock down of journalist freedom in Syria has resulted in many arrests and a number of tragic deaths, showing the high levels of corruption and disorder in Syria that evidently need to be resolved as soon as possible.