Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Filastin incitement

In an article titled "We Are All Martyrdom-Seekers," published on 13th December 2011 in the Gaza-based daily Filastin, columnist Fakher Shreteh said that the salvation of the Palestinian people would only be achieved through resistance, gunpowder, and "the shedding of blood that would water the land," and that he who loved life more than death would always be the one to lose the fight.

The article goes on to glorify suicide bombing and concludes "As the Israelis know, today is not like yesterday. They are now facing the great army of mujahideen and anticipating the day they will meet [us]: the day of the marriage of martyrdom and liberation, [when] the mujahid sacrifices his life for the sake of Allah in order to earn life in heaven. The Zionists know that their end will come at the pure hand of those who do not fear death, and through self-sacrifice operations, when [the martyrs] put their souls in the palms of their hands and bear their [burial] shrouds on their backs. The Jews also know that the Palestinians will stand up to them and wipe them out, according to the divine promise, when the divine decree is passed down."

A full transcript of the text of the article (from Memri) can be found at this link

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