Monday, November 21, 2011

Egyptian State TV falsely accuses Coptic activists

Reporting on the 9th of October, Egyptian journalist Rasha Magdy, told a story of extreme coptic violence toward Egyptian soldiers. The State TV coverage claimed that 3 soliders had been murdered during protests in Cairo while actually the true events of the evening were decidedly bypassed in which soldiers attacked protesters.

Upon the truth being discovered, it seems a blame game took place between reporter and editors however, this malpratice of reporting seems to have become a thing of habit for the station.

On Saturday, the 19th of November, reports flew in from a number sources that military had opened fire on protesters, some of which claimed one person dead and as many as 500 injured yet, State TV apparently portrayed the event, as done so in October, as an attack on the Egyptian nation and it's people. It also declared that according to the national health service, 81 people had been injured.

It seems that the station's heedless attempt at representing the views of the nation is again victim to the higher power's authority during this uncertain and tempremental period in which the masses antcipate the upcoming state election.

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