Monday, August 08, 2011

Jerusalem Post grovels with an apology

It might have taken two weeks, but in the aftermath of its editorial posted on 25 July 2011, the Jerusalem Post has apologised for its comments on the Norway massacre.
The first editorial stated “While there is absolutely no justification for the sort of heinous act perpetrated this weekend in Norway, discontent with multiculturalism's failure must not be delegitimatised or mistakenly portrayed as an opinion held by only the most extremist elements of the right."

Making reference to issues that were not directly related to the massacre such as the Oslo Peace accord, multiculturalism, European immigration policies, this angered many readers because the topics were a weak attempt to justify the extremist actions of Anders Behring Breivik.

In an unusual move for a newspaper, it printed a full page editorial apology. The apology said “... hope that the Norwegian government and people will accept the Post's apology and forgive us for any offence or hurt caused by our editorial and columnists at this sensitive time".

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