Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ahmadinejad denies Holocaust

In an article published on May 17th, the Saudi Daily Al-Iqtisadiya expressed the view that America has exaggerated the number of people killed during the Holocaust.

Abd Al-Rahman Al-Trairi supported the claims made by famed Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy, that the idea that six million Jews were killed is completely ‘irrational’.

This view was reiterated by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking on IRINN (Iranian news) on the 24th June; he said that ‘if the black boxes of the Holocaust, and of 9/11 are opened, much evidence will come to light’.

Ahmadinejad compared the two events claiming both showed examples of how America had exaggerated numbers of deaths in order to advance the Jewish cause in the Middle East and highlighted that many people believed these exaggerations were made to give America an excuse to invade and ‘fill the pockets of capitalists’ and to secure the Zionist homeland.


Anonymous said...

He seems clearly correct

Wikipedia states that jewish concentration camp victims were a total of 3 million. The total number of jews killed in WWII is said to be less than 6 million in every single estimate I have seen again including wikipedia

To compare it to a more recent event, the Iraq war, estimates have been that up to 1 million have died, yet if you were to get the official US deth count its only about 100,000. That's a ratio of denial of 10:1. I don't think anyone denies the holocaust to that extent. And obviously the Iraq casualty estimates, taking place in the 21st century are bound to be more accurate than ones from the 1940's

Morten said...

I believe you're wrong.

1. Where does wikipedia give the number of 3 million? In any case, millions died outside of the camps, from shootings, disease etc.

2. In August 1944, Adolf Eichmann estimated the number of Jews that had been killed to 6 million.

3. If you look at all the statistics that are on wikipedia, they all give more or less 6 million. Noone in the world would claim that the exact number is 6 million, noone knows for sure. But all estimates seem to give more or less that number.

4. Does it really matter whether there were 5,7 or 6 million that died?

5. Your comparison with the Iraq war: again, noone knows exactly, but my impression from looking at different sources is that 1 million civilians dead since 2003 is a huge exaggeration. Most sources (including Iraq Body Count) give an estimate of around 100,000.