Saturday, June 11, 2011

Syrian Disinformation

This complaint comes in from Mickhael:

Iam a strong supporter of the BBC. I believe it is the best professional media organisation in the world. This morning friday at 7 am, I made my coffee, opened the TV, BBC Arabic. It was the news about Syria:

The TV presenter: we will contact an eye witness [shahid ayan] from jisr al shugur in Syria.
Abou ahmed: what do you see, describe the situation for us.
Witness: Syrian army with tanks killing everyone, old, children, raping women.
Presenter: where are you now?
Witness: about 5 km from jisr al shugur
Presenter: what is your village name . . . taaaaataaa he did not know, voice behind him saying something [presenter interfered]
Presenter: What about the refugees to Turkey…after he answered….oh yes
Witness: my villge name is??? I cannot remember the name.

We are not talking about the politics…but professionalism which the BBC is famous for.

Could the BBC get someone that knew his village and to be at the centre of the event not 5 km away?

I felt like an insult to my intelligence.

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