Monday, September 13, 2010

Koran burning protests still ongoing

Even though the pastor concerned called off the Koran burning in the USA, the news seems not to have filtered through to the people of Afghanistan, many of whom think the action went ahead, such is the poor state of the media in that country. Heaven knows the outcry that might have ensued had he actually gone ahead and done it:

2 killed in Afghan anti-Quran-burning protest

By DUSAN STOJANOVIC (AP) – 14 hours ago
KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan soldiers fired on demonstrators trying to storm a government building to protest against a once-planned Quran burning in the U.S., and two protesters were killed, an Afghan official said. Four were injured.
The protesters in eastern Logar province Sunday chanted "Death to America" and burned tires, attacked several shops and set election campaign posters on fire, said Mohammad Rahim Amin, chief of Logar's Baraki Barak district.


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