Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'Tis the Season to Bash Al-Hurra

Farid of RPS writes: al-Hurra, under the leadership of Mouafac Harb and now Daniel Nassif, has promoted balanced programming that included many appearances by human rights activists and moderate Muslims; furthermore, and most importantly, it has promoted an agenda of tolerance and fairness. No other station beaming into the Middle East has been as effective in striking fear into the hearts of dictators as al-Hurra has been and remains to be. During Larry Register's short-lived era of controversy (He had a picture in his office shaking the hands of Baschar al-Assad and this explains Register's promoting Hezbollah), al-Hurra was an "Occupied Territory" by Arab dictators with the support of their paid consultants and friends in Washington and now that they have no control over it, everyone is conspiring simultaneously (The Washington Post and 60 Minutes) to kill it.


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