Monday, February 04, 2008

Al Jazeera Honoured

Adel sends this with the comment: "I often wondered as why Arab academics are the most ill informed about current affairs world wide!"

Al Jazeera assessed as the most reliable source of news in the Middle East by Arab Academics

DOHA, Qatar, 30 January 2008: In an extensive poll of Arab Academics in over 19 countries, Arab polling agency The Knowledge World Centre for Polls found that Al Jazeera was the most respected news agency in the Middle East, and over 98% of Political Science and Media professors in the region claimed to watch at least 3 hours of Al Jazeera per day. Demonstrating its unrivaled popularity in the region, the poll found that Al Jazeera's viewership was over three times that of its closest rival, and over twenty-eight times that of its third closest competitor.

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