Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sudanese Islamic Leaders Threaten U.S.

Felix sends this item with the comment: "What a sweetiepie. Master at using knowledge and information incorrectly and turns it it to lethal threats ending with the casual cry of Allahu Akbar in which probably he does not even believe. A classic tyrant." Our concern here is the role of Al Jazeera Satellite TV in giving a platform for this kind of hatred and xenophobia. If standards of good practice are expected from the Western Press, those same standards should apply to a sophisticated news organisation like Al Jazeera:

Dr. Hassan Al-'Audha, Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood: "America believes that it is the master of the world, and that all other people are its slaves, who are subordinate to it and must obey it. America believes that it owns the oil discovered in Sudan. These are not my words. [Former U.S. president] Carter declared some two years ago: 'We wanted the oil of Sudan to be used for the pleasure of the American people after 2005.'"


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