Friday, May 04, 2007

Huge Gulf in Mid East Narratives

Rafi Dajani sends this item from the BBC (UK) which reports on individual Israeli and Palestinian efforts to address the severe lack of official acknowledgment of the other's history and narrative by both sides

HUGE GULF IN MIDEAST NARRATIVES By Claire Bolderson BBC (UK) May 2, 2007

Israel's independence celebrations gloss over parts of historyIf you watch the introductory video at Tel Aviv's Independence Hall Museum you will hear barely a mention of the Arabs who lived in Palestine before Israel became a state.
If you look at a map in an Israeli school text book you are unlikely to find the Green Line, the ceasefire line which until 1967 separated Israel from the Palestinian territories.
Israel stretches to the border with Jordan. It is as if the Palestinians don't exist.

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