Monday, April 02, 2007

Islamic Scholars Debate the Meaning of Jihad

Felix sends this item. William comments: Omar Bakri Muhammed is a fanatic cut from the same cloth as all extremists. We in Britain have dumped him in Lebanon instead of dealing with our own dirty washing. I have never heard of "New TV" in Lebanon - but this may be an issue for the forthcoming media conference.

The following are excerpts of a TV debate on the subject of jihad. Theparticipants are Syrian-born British Islamist Sheikh Omar Bakri,(1) Bahraini Shi'ite liberal intellectual Diyaa Al-Musawi,(2) and Egyptian Islamist thinker, author, and journalist Sheikh Gamal Al-Bana.(3) The debate aired on New TV onMarch 20, 2007.

Sheikh Omar Bakri: "Jihad is a duty that has to do with the means, not thegoals. In other words, jihad is a religious means to a religious goal – toelevate the word of Allah. This is what jihad for the sake of Allah, in thesense of fighting, means, although we accept that there is another meaning to jihad."

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