Monday, March 19, 2007

About Palestinian School Books

This response to the Clinton complaint (SEE BELOW) was sent by Afif:

On February 8, 2007 Mrs. Clinton made an incendiary statement on Palestinian schoolbooks to Itamar Marcus. This is not the first time Mrs. Clinton accused the Palestinian schoolbooks of inciting violent, teaching to hate and de-legitimizing Israel existence. When she was running for a senator seat in New York in 2000, she made almost the same accusation. Questions ought to be raised on the timing of her statements and the resources that she depends on in her statements.
It is very clear from the timing of her statements that she would like to get more votes now to be the future president of the USA, as she got enough votes to be a senator before.



Anonymous said...

Totally worthless piece of mixed propaganda with untruths mixed with some truths. The IDF neither destroys schools or shoots children. Never have. Most likely never will. If there is a military action and accidentally things happen that does not mean what the article says. The issue is Palestinian schools NOT Israeli schools. Write about one or the other not both. The rest is mixed garbage. I do not know anything about CMIP. Itamar Marcus on the whole is very good and reputable. I do not generally read his material.

If you consider this article important you are substantially downgrading NCF. It is defensive/offensive gobbledygook with some facts mixed with fiction and propaganda. Felix

Used Textbooks for Sale said...

I would hate to see her as president!